CFB Bubbles Make More Sense Now Than Ever

Atlanta would be the obvious choice to host an SEC bubble

The Morning Show w/ John & Hugh
July 30, 2020 - 8:31 am

After the Marlins scare in MLB, a lot of sports attempting restarts without a bubble may be having second thoughts, and that included college football and the NFL.

While it appears the NFL will stay the course without a bubble, college football has been thrown a small lifeline if it wants to attempt bubble restarts.

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It seems that the Power 5 Conferences are all moving toward some sort of Conference-Only scheduling, with the ACC being the latest to announce

While there has been a lot of hesitation toward trying to restart college football in a bubble, some of those reasons are now being broken down. 

One of the biggest hesitations to bubbles has been the idea that the student-athletes need to be on campus for classes. But it seems like more and more schools are committing to online courses for the Fall 2020 semester.

If nobody is on campus for classes, and all classes are virtual, why can't the student-athletes take their courses from a bubble?

John Fricke and Hugh Douglas break down which cities make sense for each conference and Atlanta is the one that would theoretically host the SEC.

The requirements for each city would be at least four fields for games and infrastructure to support between 10 and 14 teams.

  • The SEC would play in Atlanta and use Mercedes Benz Stadium, Ga. Tech, Ga. State, and Kennesaw St.
  • The ACC would play in Raleigh and use Duke, UNC, NC State, and NC &T
  • The Big 10 would Detroit and use Ford Field, Michigan, Michigan State, Eastern Michigan
  • The Big 12 would play in Dallas and use AT&T, Cotton Bowl, TCU, SMU (maybe Ballpark at Arlington?)
  • The Pac 12 would play in Los Angeles and use Rose Bowl, LA Coliseum, StubHub, SoFi Stadium