Why Atlanta United had to trade Julian Gressel

Dukes & Bell
January 21, 2020 - 6:17 pm

Atlanta United color analyst Jason Longshore joined Dukes & Bell Tuesday and talked about Julian Gressel being traded this afternoon.

Longshore talked about how this trade became more likely the longer negotiations went.

“It was tough because the longer you go with negotiating a new deal for a player, when it starts to feel like it’s dragging a little bit, the trade becomes more likely,” Longshore said.

 Longshore told the guys why Atlanta United made the right decision.

“I think they’re going to be OK because of the return you got,” Longshore said. “That’s a huge element of this. You had a player that was going into the last year of his deal. D.C. United, it’s kind of funny they’re the ones that make the trade, they’ve been through this the other where they’ve held onto guys tried to get a deal done, hoped to get a deal done at the last second and got nothing for him. You have to make a decision once you find out that a deal’s not there, and according to Carlos Bocanegra when he spoke to the media, there were multiple offers made and they could not find a resolution. And Julian Gressel asked for a trade at that point which is the best situation for everybody involved at this stage.”