Atlanta United's latest Win comes with more Questions than Answers

Thomas Mott
April 28, 2019 - 12:45 am
Frank De Boer

© Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports


After Atlanta United got a much needed win versus Colorado Rapids Thomas and Caleb reacted to the Victory to kick off the show. Both came to the consensus that while the win is great the performance is concerning. When it comes to seeing Atlanta United play a complete game and look like the dominant defending champs they are Thomas says “We haven’t seen it.”

Thomas also mentioned another problem that could be in the altercation caught on camera during the United Telecast, on Fox Sports South, between Pity Martinez and Frank De Boer saying “it’s possible he could’ve lost the locker room.” Its clear teams have found the blueprint to not necessarily defeating Atlanta United, but neutralizing them for the most part which is sitting back, and not allowing Atlanta United to get out and run in transition. What is also clear is that Frank De Boer hasn’t found an effective counter to this game-plan, and if he doesn’t find one soon what happened between The 5 Stripes head coach and Pity could just be the beginning.

However, Thomas and Caleb do try to stay optimistic saying “it’s still three points”, and “they can take this week by week.” While the future of this title defending season is still unknown what we do know for a fact is something must change for the better.