Why College Football is in Unchartered Waters

Dukes & Bell
May 14, 2020 - 6:17 pm

College football writer and sideline reporter Bruce Feldman joined Dukes & Bell to talk about what could happen with college football in the fall, how social media has put a lot of misinformation on what could happen this fall, and who makes the decision to play or not to play.

Feldman talked about who is making the decision for the future of college football being played this season.

“No, I feel like what’s happening is you’ll hear somebody either make a statement to one radio station or put out something and then all of a sudden they either clarify or walk it back a day later and so much of this has changed,” Feldman said. “I think when you go back to the comments that Bowlsby made, and there were comments I remember listening to online that I want to say Greg Sankey made maybe three weeks ago maybe to a radio station in Florida and I think people are parsing a lot of things.

"Again I come back to this nobody really knows anything at this point, we’re talking about a virus that we’re gonna see how the country responds to when we continue to reopen businesses and different things like that. It’s not going to happen three days from now, we really are in unchartered waters.”