Falcons Feel DT Talent Abundant in 2020 NFL Draft

Dukes & Bell
April 08, 2020 - 4:01 pm

Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn joined Dukes & Bell Wednesday to talk about the team’s moves in free agency, the team’s new uniforms, and what position group in the draft has stood out to him.

Quinn talked about how good the defensive tackle group is in this year’s draft.

“You ain’t lying. Isn’t that the truth,” Quinn said. “That was the spot that totally jumped out to me, because they’re not easy to find.

"So there are some years where you don’t see as many. So for this year at defensive tackle, what a good group. Not just a couple where you may see in a mock or two, but down end of the first, second round, into the third round. So there are some good defensive tackles. It’s an exceptional group of nose tackles, really stout, strong run players, guys who have length, that have size, can move and so it’s a good group of big guys. I was very impressed, I think that’s the best depth on the defensive side is at defensive tackle.”