Why Ed Oliver won't be at 14 for Falcons

Thomas Mott
March 30, 2019 - 11:23 pm
Ed Oliver

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Paul Crane, 92-9 The Game anchor and host of the Scout's Honor podcast, joined Ready or Mott Saturday to talk about the upcoming NFL draft at the end of April.

Crane's podcast, where he and NFL scout Dave-Te' Thomas often discuss the upcoming 2019 draft, is known for making great predictions on what teams are going to do and what players are going to be great. Paul was explaining to Mott how Ed Oliver "may not fall out of the top five at this point." Paul added that Oliver had such a great Pro Day that "the Jets at 3, the Raiders at 4, Tampa Bay at 5, and the Giants at 6 are all bringing Oliver in for interviews that they had not previously planned to do."

With the Falcons realizing that Oliver’s draft stock is quickly rising, Paul told Mott that Dave-Te’ Thomas told Paul that "the Falcons in the last couple of days have accessed the files on offensive tackle Andre Dillard, offensive tackle Cody Ford of Oklahoma, offensive tackle Jawaan Taylor from Florida, offensive tackle Jonah Williams from Alabama, and one of his super sleepers that we talked about a couple of weeks ago and will talk about again when we break down the offensive lineman Titus Howard from Alabama State.”

Paul also went on to say that teams do “blow smoke” to throw other teams off and that Dave-Te’ still believes that the Falcons should take a defensive tackle in the first round, and that defensive tackle Christian Wilkins is still a good option as well.

With all this information it will be even more interesting to see what the Falcons do in the upcoming draft in April.