Why June 1 is an Important Date for Falcons

Dukes & Bell
June 01, 2020 - 6:35 pm

With Monday being June 1 that means the Atlanta Falcons will get $10.75 million in cap relief from the release of Desmond Trufant. Dukes & Bell talked about what that will mean for the team moving forward and in the 2020 season.

Carl talked about how the Trufant release is now helping the team.

“Today’s the day. Falcons get cap relief. Now remember, we talked about all these cuts and how we can afford this guy and how does this happen,” Dukes said. “We were up against it, but this comes back to Desmond Trufant who we released in March. Remember when you release guys like that with this designation this is when you get the relief, but it allows you to be able to spend in free agency like we did.”

Mike said he hopes the team gets a veteran secondary piece with the extra money the team now has.

“Maybe a veteran defensive back just to help beef up your core,” Bell said. “If you’re available on June 1, that’s for a reason. So it wouldn’t be front-line help. But if you wanted to go into next season looking how green you are just with some of the money available, I think it’s a good way to spend it.”