Ronald Acuña Jr.'s Contract gives the Braves even more Financial Flexibility, but will they use it?

The Bunker Mentality
April 02, 2019 - 11:27 pm
Ronald Acuña Jr.

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The Braves made headlines today by extending their second-year phenom Ronald Acuña Jr. With the La Guaira, Venezuela native coming off his Rookie of the Year season it's obvious that the Braves had his extension at the top of their to-do list. However, even with the eight-year one hundred million dollar extension given to Acuña Jr. his salary is still helping the Braves and will continue to help the Braves for the years to come.

Andy and Jarvis, the executive producer of The Bunker Mentality, had an interesting conversation about this topic. Andy stated the fact that for the next three seasons combined Acuñ a will only cost the Braves seven million dollars. Acuña won't start to make a notable cap hit until 2022 when he is scheduled to start making fifteen million dollars a year. Jarvis offered up an interesting question during this Braves conversation asking when the Braves are going to actually use this financial flexibility they have had and will now have for the next three seasons.

Jarvis is not very optimistic that the Braves will use this cap space they have saying "maybe they will use some of it...maybe they won't. I'm leaning towards won't." Andy agreed with Jarvis' statement saying "And I understand why because until they demonstrate that they'll use it there's really no reason to believe that they'll use it.

The Braves have gathered up some amazing young talent, wise and productive veterans, and have a franchise player in Freddie Freeman. On top of all that they have the necessary cap space to acquire players to put them over the top. The question is will Liberty Media and General Manager Alex Anthopoulos work together to spend the money, and bring in the right players, or will we see this Braves window that just opened not reach it's full World Series title potential?