Why Falcons' Defense will be Better in 2020

Dukes & Bell
May 11, 2020 - 6:09 pm

Ricardo Allen recently talked about guys on the defense already feeling better about going into this upcoming season because of the communication they now have. The guys on Dukes & Bell discussed if this is the key to the Falcons' defense being better in 2020 than it was during the 2019 season.

Dukes talked about Allen’s comments.

“These are correctable things, and this is why I think the defense is going to be better. It’s not as if the things we did in the second half were things that you couldn’t have corrected in the first half,” Dukes said. “But Ricardo Allen said being able to get into position, and I know that sounds elementary, but if you line up wrong, and how many times did we see tape of guys lined up wrong last year? And we would say who are they covering and they weren’t covering anybody.”

Bell said it’s simple things that hampered the defense last year.

“The games where you really lost your season, the game in the second half against the Texans where they put up like 500 yards of offense against us,” Bell said. “Guys out of position, are we in a zone defense, are we in a Cover-3, are we in press coverage? And it really looked ridiculous.”