Incentivizing Rooney Rule Not in Best Interest of NFL

The Jon Chuckery Show
May 26, 2020 - 1:53 am

If you’re trying to be a player in the National Football League, making an NFL roster is for the most part, solely based on your talent. If you have what it takes to play in the NFL, and you’re not too much of a distraction off the field, you’ll play. However, the same cannot and has not been said about African Americans who are trying to be NFL coaches; mainly head coaches.

This has been an issue for the NFL even going back to the late 90s and early 2000s, which is why the Rooney Rule was established and put into place back in 2003. The Rooney Rule states that at least one minority and/or female candidate has to be interviewed for a head coaching, general manager, or front office equivalent position. and ESPN reported earlier this month that owners were considering a proposal that would have improved third-round draft picks for teams by six or 10 spots if they hired a minority candidate for vacant GM or head-coaching openings, along with other compensation for hiring minority candidates for roles like quarterbacks coach. Obviously, there has been a lot of negative backlash toward this news, and Sam Crenshaw and Jarvis Davis have their own opinions on the matter, which they shared while filling in for Jon Chuckery on Memorial Day.

Sam Crenshaw, who usually is a very mild-mannered guy, became a little passionate about this subject as he believes that incentivizing the “Rooney Rule” like this will make people say “Well, he only got hired because of the rule.” Jarvis agrees with Sam and believes “this isn’t the right way to go about it.”

For years the NFL has tried to show it’s doing its best to diversify the league. In 2009 the NFL expanded the rule to not only head coaching positions, but to General Manager and equivalent front office positions as well. However, this latest proposal is just preposterous. If the NFL does this it will take away all credit from any minority and/or female coaches that are hired to be head coaches, general managers, or front office executives beyond that point.

Hopefully the NFL will come to its senses and realize that doing this will make hiring minority and/or female candidates look like some trendy thing to do for a reward for owners instead of the right thing to do because people off color, shape, and sizes can be qualified football coaches, general managers, or executives.