Why Timing Of MLB's Financial Proposal 'Encouraging'

The Midday Show w/ Andy & Randy
May 26, 2020 - 2:19 pm

Major League Baseball owners are expected to present the Player's Association with their financial proposal at some time this week, and it could happen as early as Tuesday. 

Will that speed the process of getting the baseball season restarted soon or is this just going to be fodder for more argument between the league and players? 

"I certainly hope that it's going to speed things up, and I'm actually encouraged by the fact that it's happening today," 92-9 The Game reporter Joe Patrick said.

MLB had been looking to restart their season at the beginning of July and hold a mini-training camp in June to get players back into shape.

"I think that the earlier in the week the better, you know, because it gives you some more time. And I do think that it's important exactly what they're offering or what we've heard in reports as to them changing their mind, kind of backing off that 50/50 revenue split which is good. It means that they're--to me it signals that they're willing to back off and make a different proposal that has a better chance at success."