Can the Braves develop more of their Young Starters?

Jon Chuckery asks the people of Atlanta "Do you trust the Braves to figure it out with their young starters?”

The Jon Chuckery Show
August 01, 2020 - 1:40 am
Sean Newcomb



Early on in today’s Friyay edition of The Jon Chuckery Show, Jon asked the people of Atlanta ``Do you trust the Braves to “figure it out” with their young starters?” This comes after Braves manager Brian Snitker said “We need to keep running our young guys out there and let them figure it out.” This discussion comes at the perfect time as Sean Newcomb, who just got back in the starting rotation, had a rough outing yesterday evening at home against the New York Mets. 

Jon begins by reminiscing on the careers of former Brave Julio Teheran and Mike Foltynewicz who was just outrighted by the Braves on Thursday, after no team claimed the right-handed starting pitcher when the braves designated him for assignment on Monday, after his rough outing and the Braves 14-5 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays on Monday. Chuckery talks about how Julio Teheran” started a lot of opening days for the Braves...but is not an opening day starter.” Chuckery then moves to Foltynewicz saying “he had his moments but he could never figure it out.” Chuckery then moves onto current Braves’ starting pitcher, Sean Newcomb, and says “he was supposed to be the prize of the Andrleton Simmons trade…” Jon continues on by saying “to be honest with you that trade has been in favor of the Angels because Andrelton Simmons has brought more to the California Angels...then Sean Newcomb or Erick Aybar have meant to the Braves.” Jon brings up all these names to make the point that the Braves’ plan to develop young pictures has not panned out so far saying “The track record of these guys developing isn’t great.” Jon does admit that all the fault might not belong to the Braves, but he does then mention how the Braves have built their team in an unconventional way.

Most teams build their teams by using their draft picks on good young hitters. Jon used the Houston Astros for example, basically saying that they drafted and developed Carlos Correa, George Springer, and Jose Altuve, and then trading for a guy like Gerrit Cole, an already developed and bonafide star starting pitcher. He uses the Red Sox as another example with drafting Mookie Betts, Andrew Benitendi, and Jackie Bradley Jr and trading for Chris Sale. Jon also mentions the Cubs with Kyle Schwarber, Kris Bryant, and Javier Baez, then trading for a guy like Jake Arietta and Jon Lester. However, “The Braves have been the exception to the rule…” Jon says with finding Ozzie Albies and drafting Ronald Acuna Jr., but also drafting Max Fried and Mike Soroka. 

Chuckery doesn’t disagree with the Braves strategy, but he does say that “the Braves need to develop one more of those guys and find at least one guy to help out.” Chuckery wraps up by saying “he doesn’t care who it is. I don't care if it’s Touki, Bryce Wilson, Kyle Wright, Sean Newcomb I don’t care who it is.” All in all the main question is not will the Braves invest in their pitching because the answer to that is yes. The question is will most of these young Braves’ pitchers pan out, or will they have the same fate as Julio Teheran and Mike Foltynewicz?