How Will The Braves Use Yasiel Puig?

The Morning Show w/ John & Hugh
July 15, 2020 - 7:36 am

The Atlanta Braves added free agent outfielder Yasiel Puig on Tuesday afternoon in a move that could serve as a replacement for Nick Markakis. 

With the addition of Puig there are some questions that come with it, largely how will the Braves use him and what does it mean for other outfielders like Marcell Ozuna, Christian Pache, and Adam Duvall among others.

Will Palaszczuk and Hugh Douglas take a look at the addition of Puig and the various options the Braves have for him.

Hugh Douglas thinks this is a chance to find out if Puig is an option for the team beyond this season and that will shape how the team uses him.

"When you hear about Ozuna, he's probably going to be a 60-game rent-a-player, maybe Yasiel Puig is a long-term answer, so I would say he'll be full time defensive in the outfield."