Are we getting too much Zion?

Is the Duke phenom being over-hyped?

Beau Johnson
March 16, 2019 - 7:24 am
Zion Williamson

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It didn't go too bad actually, as Zion Williamson came back from his knee injury with authority going 13/13 for 29 pts and added 14 rebounds as Duke stomped Syracuse 84-72.

This set up "The revenge game", as Duke would face the University Of North Carolina for the third time this season (UNC 2-0 while Williamson was out) Friday night. 

Duke won the game, and Zion did not disappoint with a 31 point performance, but are people starting to get enough of Zion Williamson on their TVs? 

Is Zion Williamson being over-hyped? We haven't seen this much hype surrounding an amateur player since LeBron James was being tailed by the media when he was in high school. LeBron has done fine so far, but will Zion Williamson be able to do the same?

Sam Crenshaw and Greg Clarkson discuss this on Weekend Mornings, and Sam thinks that there might just be a little too much attention being given to the phenom. Greg believes that as long as he moves the needle, the networks will continue to follow. What happens if Duke faces an early exit from the NCAA tournament? Well, they just shift their attention to someone else... no big deal?