Conversation should be about playing college athletes, not shutting Zion down

Andy Bunker: 'They have the ability to be a Fortune 500 company'

The Bunker Mentality
February 21, 2019 - 8:12 pm

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports


Zion Williamson had a really interesting night on Thursday. It was the shoe blowout heard around the world. We all know when big news like this comes out it sparks all types of different conversations.

Andy Bunker found himself agitated about one of those conversations. It was the people who were saying that Zion needs to shut it down that Andy had an issue with.

It wasn't just basketball players voicing their opinions, members of the media were too.

The main reason Bunker had a problem with those people starting those conversations is because we shouldn't be having them. The real problem with what happened with Zion last night is that he doesn't have a stipend check to pick up on Friday.