Butt: I think Lindstrom is a starter on Day 1

Dukes & Bell
May 13, 2019 - 5:35 pm



Jason Butt, of The Athletic, joined Dukes & Bell Monday to talk about what he saw from Falcons rookie minicamp.

Butt told the guys about the upside of John Cominsky.

“He definitely has potential and upside,” Butt said. “It seems like his future could be (as an) inside pass rusher if he can get about 10 pounds more on him similar to a Jack Crawford. The Falcons felt like the Cowboys were going to take him ahead of them and they traded up to get him.”

Butt talked about what stood out to him about the teams first round draft picks.

“The first thing that stands out is how big they are,” Butt said. “A team that has gone with the wide-zone principles they haven’t had the biggest lineman, and with Dirk Koetter back they wanted to add size. One play stood out. Ollison took a handoff and was untouched; they obviously have the chemistry playing together at the Senior Bowl.”

When asked which of the rookie offensive lineman he thinks would start for the team in their first game.

“Definitely Chris Lindstrom,” Butt said. “If you’re going to take him at 14 overall obviously you want him to be a plug-and-play guy. I think kind of in the same mold as Quinton Nelson last year. Kaleb McGary has a chance to start right away. You look at his size and how athletic he is. He’s going to have a good chance, both have a good chance, but I think Lindstrom is (a) definite starter on Day 1.”