PWW 08-23-18

PWW 041 -- The Shield Reunites

hosted by Tony Schiavone and Beau Le Blanc

PWW: Pro Wrestling Wednesday
August 23, 2018 - 2:39 pm

Much like The Shield on Monday night, Tony Schiavone and Beau Le Blanc re-united for another facebook LIVE edition of PWW. They covered all the fallout from the "biggest party of the summer" as Roman Reigns finally captured the Universal Championship, Ronda Rousey got her first taste of WWE gold and The Miz finally went one on one with Daniel Bryan. Tony and Beau both thought the show was too long, but delivered where it counted, and really propelled some interesting storylines going into and coming out of this week's TV. They were especially surprised at how quickly Kevin Owens, Alexa Bliss and Baron Corbin lost their matches and speculated on the reasoning for each squash. Tony and Beau were both kicking themselves for not even considering a Shield reunion when previewing SummerSlam last week, and gave their thoughts on what that move could signal for the rest of the Raw roster. Hell in a Cell is the next PPV event and already Miz and Daniel Bryan are gearing up for an inter-geneder tag match with their respective Wives and Reality Show co-stars. Tony tells a great Dusty Rhodes story and more, all on this week's PWW on 92-9 The Game!