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PWW 046 Smackdown Comes to Town

PWW: Pro Wrestling Wednesday
October 31, 2018 - 2:26 pm

With a big week of Wrestling in Atlanta, Tony Schiavone and Beau Le Blanc returned to the podcast studio for another edition of PWW. Smackdown was in town, so Beau attended the show and Tony snuck backstage to say hey to his pals Arn Anderson and Dean Malenko. They also recapped their interview with Charlotte Flair from Tuesday morning and her match at Evolution.

They then turned their attention to WWE TV as they make their way to the controversial WWE Crown Jewel. With last minute re-writes and the departure of Roman Reigns will the event deliver? Beau's looking forward to see Kurt Angle wrestle a "real" match for the first time since his return to WWE, but Tony's skeptical that he'll wrestle more than once in the tournament. Can Braun Strowman fill the star gap at the top of the Raw roster and does Shane McMahon's threat to fire a Smackdown Superstar mean someone's headed to Monday Nights? Both Beau and Tony noticed that neither Seth Rollins or Dean Ambrose had their Raw Tag Team Titles with them on Monday and the announcers made no mention of them either, which was odd. Beau questioned the point of splitting Apollo Crews from Titus if all he's going to do is take 3 second tans. AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan delivered on Smackdown, but both hosts can't wait for them to lock up on a grander stage. Where's Shinsuke Nakamura been? Will they ever do anything with the US Title? All this and Tony telling AJ Styles he'll never text him again, this week on PWW!