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Find The Perfect Sustainable Gift For Everyone On Your Holiday List

Skye Smith
November 30, 2018 - 1:30 pm

After all the Black Friday Sales and Cyber Monday deals, you still didn’t find the perfect sustainable gift. Let me help you cover EVERYONE on your list. Even that person who has everything. Here are just a few ideas that are quite thoughtful and  practical.

  1. We all know how using a plastic straw is simply horrible for our environment. Everyone could use a set of metal straws ; many even come with their own cleaning brush.
  2. Since we are talking about plastic, how about that perfect reusable grocery bag?  You can find them at nearly every grocery store you go in, but my problem is that I always seem to forget to grab them from the house. How about one that folds up in a perfect square and fits in the armrest in your car?
  3. Socks are a pretty common gift, but a sustainable pair made from recycled plastic bottles take it to another level!
  4. Our bodies are made up of mostly water, and we should definitely replenish our body’s  reservoir. Stainless steel water bottles are the perfect way to help people stop buying disposable plastic bottles. 
  5. A warm cozy scarf is welcomed by all.  A scarf that is ethically-made can make a difference in the world.

Happy conscious shopping everyone!