fall leaves

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Sustainable fall yard work tips

September 04, 2018 - 10:19 am

Fall is upon us.

The air is getting colder in the mornings; it’s starting to get darker a bit earlier. Pumpkin spice everything and anything is out on the store shelves. The leaves will be changing colors soon, making for awesome pictures. With those color-changing leaves comes fall yard work. This is a great time to make eco-friendly choices while working out in the yard!

Fall is the perfect time to plant trees. Summer heat waves are long gone and there is typically more rain in the fall. New trees, bushes and flowers have a better chance of survival if planted now.

Ready to rake up all those leaves from your yard? Don’t bag them up for the garbage man – compost them! By composting you are creating nutrient-rich, organic soil that will be ready to use by spring. Want more tips? Check out Earthshare.org.

Looking for a new lawnmower? Did you know a gas-powered mower used for just one hour produces the same amount of air pollution that a car emits from driving 100 miles? Crazy, right?

Lucky for us, there are so many eco-friendly mowers out there now. Battery-powered and electric are just a couple better choices for the environment.

Not a fan of doing yard work? If you are hiring a company to take care of that for you, look for one that uses less-heavy chemical treatments.

Want to help conserve water? There are so many ways to do that as well. Create a rain barrel (here’s how), collect the rain and then use it to water your garden, bushes and those newly planted trees!

Bring on that fall weather!