07-31-20 Corey McCartney Interview with Jon Chuckery

Jon Chuckery
Friday, July 31st
To close out hour one of this Friyay edition of The Jon Chuckery Show, Chuckery talks all things Braves with Braves Insider Corey McCartney. Chuck starts things off by asking Corey what the Braves will do with Nick Markasis now that he has decided to opt back into the season. Corey says it will be tricky and “more times than not he will likely be a bat off the bench.” Next, Jon asks if the Braves have enough in their organization to not make a move. Corey responds by basically saying even though the Braves are in a weird predicament he thinks they “have enough arms in their system”, but “they need other guys to step up because they can’t expect Fried and Soroka to go 5 or 6 innings every night.” Next, the games talk about Dansby Swanson starting off the season red hot, and how it is key for a player outside of the Braves core to step up in this 60-game season. Also, Jon and Corey talk about Ronald Acuna Jr. and his slow start to the season. Corey talks about Ronald struggling against the fastball early on and says “he might be pressing.” However, Corey also says “whenever he gets hot, and he will get hot everything will go his way.” Next, the guys talk about Soroka and Corey talks about how impressed he’s been with Soroka’s ability to “compartmentalize everything” and not get too up or down. Finally, Chuck closed things out by asking Corey if baseball will finish their sixty game season and he responds with “he hopes so” but then continues by basically saying he believes teams will crack down and become more discipline.