07-31-20 Jason Longshore Interview with Jon Chuckery .mp3

Jon Chuckery
Friday, July 31st
Jon talks all things Five Stripes with 92.9 The Game’s own Atlanta United Color Analyst Jason Longshore to continue hour two. Chuck start things off by asking Jason by asking him about the roster moves Atlanta United made today. Next, Chuckery puts Jason in charge of Atlanta United and asks him what the next manager should look like. Jason says “he leans towards somebody young and somebody who can relate to the players…”, but Jason says “you also need somebody who isn’t too young and has experience…” to boil it all down Jason says”you need someone younger who can relate to the players but has experience and also someone who has tactical flexibility, and that’s a hard resume to find.” Next, Jon asks Jason was it always a square peg in a round hole with Frank de Boer. Jason says “on the field when Atlanta United was at their best the on-field product was close to what Ta-Ta Martina wanted this team to be, but off the field personalities were different.” Next, Chuck asks Jason if Josef Martinez is too important to this team and Jason says “no, but goal scorers are special…” Finally, Chuckery wraps things up with Jason by asking if it was a mutual parting of the ways between Atlanta United and Frank de Boer what does that say about the team? Jason responds by saying “Without hearing Frank’s side it’s hard to say, but each side did what was best for each other.”