With 2 interceptions, Trufant playing with chip on his shoulder

Dukes & Bell
Monday, September 16th
Atlanta Falcons cornerback Desmond Trufant joined Dave Archer on the Dan Quinn coaches show.

Trufant talked about his offseason.

 “I just attacked this offseason.” Trufant said “Felt like I had one of my best off-season’s, was healthy, put on a little bit more weight, felt strong fast and wanted to attack the offseason program aggressively take that into camp, and focus on my weaknesses and turn them into strengths.”

Desmond said that the defense was locked in after last week’s loss in Minnesota.

“We know we didn’t play up to the standard last week, they brought it to us so you have to tip your hat to them.” Trufant said “This week we had a great week of practice, we were locked in played with a lot of energy, swagger having fun out there and I was excited with what I was seeing.”

When asked about what the team needs to do better.

 “There’s plays here and there we kind of miscommunicated on and sometimes bust stuff on that.” Trufant said “But that’s just the NFL, and those are plays we definitely can stop, it’s different when teams just out athlete us, it’s the NFL but we have to eliminate the mental mistakes and mental errors, you don’t want to lose like that.”