6-10-18 The Robb Tribble Show - Hour #1.mp3

Robb Tribble
Sunday, June 10th
The Robb Tribble Show kicked off with Robb talking about the Braves bouncing back with a 5-3 win against the Dodgers on Saturday night, Raphael Nadal's 11th French Open win, Justify being the Shawn Kemp of horses because he'll be breeding 250 times in a year, and a look back and look ahead for United.  He then moved on to weigh in with his reaction to LeBron James talking about his hand injury.  Robb wrapped the hour acknowledging the Warriors as a dynasty, and talking about whether or not dynasties are good or bad for sports.  Robb thinks they're good, it celebrates greatness, gives you a chance to have "sports hate" when your team has to go against the dynasty, and they create interest in the sport.