6-10-18 The Robb Tribble Show - Hour #2.mp3

Robb Tribble
Sunday, June 10th
Robb Tribble kicked off his second hour of the show talking about how cool it would be for the Falcons to get to the Super Bowl in the Benz, but the devastation that would ensue if the Saints played in the big game at the Benz.  Robb also talked about the alleged futility in the offense, which actually was still top 10 in the NFL in 2017.  Robb also talked about an article on NFL.com about the NFC South being the most difficult division to play in, with no easy games, top-notch QB's, and strengthened defenses.  Robb then turned to talk Braves.  He said that most MLB GM's wait until after the Draft to make trade moves.  And, now that we're there, Robb pondered about where the Braves should go.