6-10-18 The Robb Tribble Show - Hour #3.mp3

Robb Tribble
Sunday, June 10th
Robb kicked off the third hour of the show talking about a newspaper article calling Nick Markakis a metronome, about what it could do to team morale if the Braves traded Markakis, and saying that fans shouldn't underestimate the importance of what Markakis's departure could do to disrupt the Braves locker room.  Also, talked about the Braves needing to address what they're going to do with Brian Snitker long-term.  Then, Robb chopped it up with Bill Bender, CFB Writer for Sporting News, talking about his beloved Cavs being destroyed by the Warriors, his thoughts on where LeBron James might go next, and wrapping up with CFB talk.  Robb wrapped the hour talking about the possibility of a Georgia rematch vs Oklahoma in the CFB Playoff and a growing chorus for S. Carolina being a dark horse out of the East division.