9-25-18 Fitz Magic or Famous Jameis?

Dukes & Bell
Tuesday, September 25th
 The guys hit the NFL Blitz, and talked about the new out of Cleveland where Hue Jackson has finally named Baker Mayfield the starting QB, Carl said “Now we get to see what the deal is, it’s totally different when teams are game planning for you, and you’re the guy.” Will the Bucs stay with Ryan Fitzpatrick or will Jameis be the starter on Sunday with his return to the Bucs, Mike said “I know we have our injuries, but every single team seems to be dealing with some type of mini-drama situation.”


Darren Eales joined Dukes and Bell for his weekly segment with the guys Eales said “What a great week it was, I still haven’t recovered from the San Jose game, that game was pretty crazy.”When asked about the miraculous comeback in San Jose down 3-1 in the 2nd half Darren said “It was a key moment for us, they did show that no quit, to play to the final whistle. I think in some season’s things happen that give you that this could be something special, and that to me was that moment.”

 “I’ve said it before, we’re having a great season and Tata is enjoying himself and we’re hopeful we can get him signed.” Darren talked about the MLS playoff format “Six teams make the playoff but the top two get a bye, you go into a two leg series where home is at home which is considered an advantage. We will miss the wild-card game so we will be playing on the weekend where are opponent will be playing a game in the middle of that week.”