Andy and Randy - Dan Quinn interview (6-10-19)

Atlanta Falcons Head Coach Dan Quinn joined Andy Bunker and Robb Tribble and talked about a variety of topics heading into Mandatory Minicamp.

“We have had some awesome practices and it will only get better when we get all those guys in the mix. Adding them to these other practices will give us a big boost,” said Coach Quinn.

“That group has the most competition. Guys are going to battling for starting spots and roster spots,” replied Coach Quinn when asked about the offensive line.

“Some of the scheme we look real familiar. Through free agency and the draft that’s what we all looking for. It all goes through the run game. Everything flows through that,” said Coach Quinn in regards to anything different about the scheme of the offensive line.

“Were guarded at the beginning of the offseason about Devonta Freeman. But the Atlanta running back has been cutting violently, working well and that ‘s a good thing for the Falcons heading into the summer,” said Quinn when asked if he was concerned about Freeman’s health.

“Some of the new coaches were surprised how quickly these relationships could be built. Having that connection on the field and off the field provides some real value,” said Coach Quinn about the new coaches on this staff.

“These guys attack. The boldness on special teams. On offense, it’s the run/pass. Defense getting after the ball. It’s all three phases, it’s not just one. We will relentlessly attack and that is the identity of this team,” said Coach Quinn.

 “To be continued. I didn’t get to spend as much time with him as I would like. We are anxious to get back and he will put some good work over the next few days,” said Coach Quinn.