Are the Falcons playing their most complete opponent Sunday?

Dukes & Bell
Tuesday, November 5th
T-Bob Hebert joined Dukes & Bell to talk about the LSU-Alabama game, and to preview Falcons-Saints on Sunday.

T-Bob talked about LSU linebacker Michael Divinity Jr. leaving the team.

“He has left the team due to personal reasons. The smoke on the street seems to be a drug test situation, that part is not confirmed and what is confirmed he has left the team that he’s off the team and will not return. It is a blow, he’s missed three games and still leads the team in sacks, so he led the team despite playing a limited number of games and he was a leader, it’s one of those situations that’s adversity, but you have to overcome it.”

Hebert talked about the Saints being a complete team.

 “The last three years has really blown me away.” Hebert said “If you watch the NFL you see teams go boom or bust all the time, to lose in such heartbreaking fashion it would have been easy to go bust the next year, and yet because of the leadership, because of the front office, the roster they’ve assembled they survived. This is a team that has strived and then all of a sudden Brees goes down, what was the old saying if Brees gets hurt they’re done but they’ve go 5-0 with Teddy Bridgewater playing quarterback because they are a complete team.”