Baldinger on Falcons new hires: Sometimes it's good to have tension

Dukes & Bell
Wednesday, January 9th
Brian Baldinger joined Dukes & Bell, Baldinger talked about Gary Kubiak becoming the Offensive coordinator in Denver “It’s a great combination, Fangio has had the best defense this year, had it in San Francisco then Gary Kubiak as won a Super Bowl as an OC in Baltimore and has one as a HC, gives you two really good coaches who know how to run their sides of the ball.”

 When asked about the trend of hiring young NFL Head Coaches “This has always been a league that copies trends, so when Sean McVay, Kyle Shanahan come out of Mike Shanahan’s system teams are looking for the next best thing. I hope these teams are going to surround these coaches with real adults who have coaching experience at this level.”

Baldy told the guys what he thinks of Dirk Koetter and Mike Mularkey coming back to the Falcons “Sometimes the devil you know is the devil you don’t know, they know Dirk, they know Mularkey and I think it’s important to have some level of continuity. I think Dirk is comfortable coming back there, just hope he’s not too comfortable because sometimes tension is a good thing, I thought it was good when Kyle was there because he got the best out of Matt.”

 Brian gave us a “Baldy Breakdown” of the Falcons zone blocking scheme “Zone blocking almost implies that you’re not moving the line of scrimmage, sometimes you have to move the guy off the ball. You have to have some type of balance, you can’t just run horizontally, sometimes you have to line up and just knock people off the ball.”