Braves could utilize 6-man rotation

Dukes & Bell
Monday, June 10th
"We've talked about that at length. One is just the injury component, we'll continue to watch them. Even taking that away, even if they're healthy, which we hope and expect them to be, it may just be a fatigue component that come August or September they just don't perform as well even though they could take the ball. "

"We're well aware, we're mindful of it, we're trying to save bullets anyplace that we can, whether it's taking them out of games early if we have a nice lead, maybe we skip a start down the road, skip bullpens in between, give them extra days between rest, we'll certainly watch that. "

"We've talked about it with Dallas [Keuchel] right now because we do believe ultimately, long-term, in Gausman, Folty and so on. We could go with a six-man rotation. When Dallas is ready to join us, hopefully all five guys are throwing the ball well and you don't want to take anybody out and make a change there. We've talked about potentially going with a sixth man, that could be a scenraio. We haven't committed to anything, we haven't made a decision. We're well aware of how well Soroka and Fried have thrown. We want them to be able to stay healthy one, and then two be avialble for us, hopefully, in October."