Braves weren't close with Donaldson offer

Dukes & Bell
Friday, January 17th
As the dust settles on Josh Donaldson signing with the Twins, Donaldson did an interview earlier today and talked about why he signed with the Twins instead of coming back to the Braves.

 Carl said he’s curious to find out why the Braves offer came so late if Donaldson was a priority.

“The part where he says it was a good fit for me, tells me he wanted to be here but again it comes down to dollar bills.” Dukes said “The other part of this for me is he said they offered him late, this was the main thing you had to get done after you got the bullpen fixed.”

Mike talked about the hole the Braves now have in the lineup.

“The production is going to fall off, but right now you have a big hole.” Bell said “I’ll worry about years three and four later, hoping Austin Riley gets it together is a big hope, I don’t like this unless you get a Bryant or Arenado here.”