Bryant on next step: 'I want to go where I'm wanted'

Dukes & Bell
Tuesday, February 12th
Former Falcons Kicker Matt Bryant joined Dukes & Bell to talk about his recent departure from the team and takes a look back on his time as a Falcon.

Matt told the guys that while no one told him this was a possibility he had a feeling it was coming.

“Nothing was ever said to me, to be flat out honest I had a gut feeling that it could happen.” Bryant said “But I thought that with my play on the field that it couldn’t happen if that makes sense. So when it happen, I was caught off guard but that’s how it goes sometimes.”

Bryant talked about why he was told that the team kept around kicker Giorgio Tavecchio once Bryant came back from injury.

 “The way it was worded to me, they compared him to Schaub having a good backup.” Said Bryant “Him staying around as long as he did I had a gut feeling but my whole process was go out on the field and do my job because you can’t argue with production.”

When asked if he had a preference on where he plays next.  

“I want to go where I’m wanted, where my services are valued to help that team do whatever it is.” Said Bryant “To say one team or another right now, I can’t do that. There are a lot of things that go into it, would I like to get into the playoffs and go to another Super Bowl, absolutely.”