Byrd on Albies: 'didn't know he had this type of power'

Dukes & Bell
Friday, July 13th
Paul Byrd joined Dukes and Bell to talk about our Braves, and was asked if he saw this coming, “I don’t think any of us could have predicted this, a month in a half into the season Freddie Freeman told me the time is now, tell the fans were ready to win now, so the players will say they predicted this but they couldn’t have even predicted this.”   Randy asked Paul what he would go get for this team at the trade deadline, Byrd said “First thing I have to do is can I win now? And If I decide I can win now, then I make a trade for a starter or a big bullpen guy which means I would have to give up some of the prospects, if you believe you’re in a time of need now then you go get a guy you can lock up the next couple of years beyond this season.”  Byrd continued on the trades at the deadline “It’s not always easy to just go get the big guy, there are situations where you may really really want to go get a guy but there’s no guy to go get or the asking price is too high because there are so many teams wanting him.” When asked about Ozzie Albies power, Paul told the guys “When I saw him last year he flied out to the warning track a lot, those balls that he just missed last year are now going out, so no I did not know that he was going to be this player this year with that type of power.”