Byrd: Riley can do things other players can't

Dukes & Bell
Monday, May 20th
Paul Byrd joined Dukes & Bell and talked with the guys about the trade that went down earlier today, Freddie Freeman and Austin Riley’s arrival to the bigs.

Byrd talked about the team’s trade today to get help for the bullpen.

 “I’ve had that injury, it doesn’t mean they don’t believe in Viz. He’s going to be out for a full year, it’s usually a year and a half with that injury, with Swarzak you have a mature veteran, it’s a good change of scenery and he could be someone to help out with the bullpen.”

Paul said Freddie Freeman is loving the Braves lineup.

 “Two years ago out of spring training he didn’t hit for a month and you know when he doesn’t hit for a month the pendulum is going to swing and it’s swung.” Byrd said “He had a cold where I didn’t’ want to get near his eyes were blood shot he had a towel over his head and he still went 1 for 4. He’s healthy again, I think he’s loving hitting in this lineup, people are talking about other people and he’s saying don’t forget about me, he’s a good leader and it’s good for the young guys to see him not be 100% and still play and it’s good for the team.”

When asked about Foltynewicz not eating before the game yesterday.

 “That’s one of the problems with Folty.” Byrd said “It’s not he’s not tough enough, it’s he’s very emotional, on gamde days he can’t eat, it’s what he does on game days, what allows him to be at his best. It’s not an injury, we did see some weird swings but he’s not hurt, and it was really good to see him pitch well, his velocity was back and it’s exciting.”

Byrd told the guys why he thinks Austin Riley is special.

 “Here’s why I like Austin Riley.” Byrd said “He’s not just hot, he can do things that other people can’t do, if someone goes down a basketball court and they’re faster than everyone else, they jump higher and they bring the dunk home and they’re a foot and a half above the rim and it looks like poetry, you don’t want to guard that guy. So when Austin Riley takes an inside out swing and hits a 94 mph fastball when he’s handcuffed, he can’t get extended, the balls in, his elbow is down, hes trying to inside out a golf swing and he shoots it 420ft and the ball comes off the bat at 105-110mph, nobody can do that, that’s not a hey he’s just hot right now. This guy’s special, put him in the lineup at the sixth hole, and it all of a sudden becomes special, now I’m getting past Freeman, Donaldson, get past Nick Markakis he never takes a pitch off and I’ve got to face Austin Riley who is a superstar and then I may have to face someone like Tyler Flowers who is dangerous or Ozzie Albies now that’s a tough lineup.”