Chemistry Issues in Bulldogs Offense

Dukes & Bell
Friday, July 3rd
Willie P and Nick Kayal are in for Dukes and Bell today. During the show, they got a chance to talk to Mike Griffith, writer for Dawg Nation, to talk about the Bulldogs upcoming season.


Last season, there was some inconsistency from the wide receiver group. There were less explosive plays. This year there is a new quarterback and a new offensive coordinator. The chemistry of the offense will be an issue, not only because COVID-19 but because of new additions. Nick Kayal asked Mike Griffith what would be a real timetable for there to be some consistency and chemistry to the offense.


Griffith did not know when that could happen. Health is going to be a big factor. He talked about the inconsistency being due to injuries to wide receivers Jackson, Robinson & Cager setting the Bulldogs back. Pickens being an incoming freshman did not get a good grasp of the playbook until later on in the year, so they were playing behind the eight ball.


One thing that Griffith did say was that their first game in Atlanta against UVA, presumably if the season starts on time, will be a good test because they are well coached. What Smart would really want for his players to be in sync by the time they play Alabama on September 19, 2020.