Chuckery & Tribble: The Cancer Walk From Hell

Chuckery & McMichael
Sunday, October 21st
Chuckery opens the show talking about the cancer run that is happening right now and how it made everyone late this morning.  Tribble called in from his car​ stuck in traffic from the Cancer run 


Tribble makes it in the studio and Chuckery and Tribble both go around the College Football scoreboard and talk about Ohio State losing to Purdue, How real is LSU?, Alabama keep trucking on, and No Georgia or Tech this week.


Atlanta United Analyst Jason Longshore joins the show to breakdown today's matchup vs Chicago Fire.  Jason says that the style of play Chicago uses should work well in United favor.  Almiron and Villalba won't play today, Jason says it always other guys the chance to step up. Jason also talks about the rumors of Tata going to Mexico at the end of the season.  Jason believes the deal isnt done yet, and it has to be an amazing deal for Tata to take it.  


Tribble makes fun of Tony Ressler for cussing on the air