Cominsky: I'm begging for DQ to coach me up

Dukes & Bell
Thursday, July 25th
Atlanta Falcons Defensive Lineman John Cominsky joined Dukes & Bell about his journey to the NFL, his versatility on the defensive line, and what he’s trying to get out of camp.

John talked about his experience in the Senior Bowl.

 “I think after my junior year.” Cominsky said “My junior year was when I started making an impact, after that junior year I had some accolades and it kinda woke me up, so senior year I locked it in a little more and I got the invite to the Senior Bowl.”

Cominsky told the guys that he’s trying to get as many reps as possible in camp.

 “I’ve always been like that.” Cominsky said “I was like that early in college, and then it faded because I was the guy, but at the Senior Bowl I realized I needed more reps, so I’m not only begging for reps, I’m begging for him to coach me up.”

When asked about his versatility on the defensive line.

 “I think I can.” Cominsky said “I have a lot of experience in college, I’m big enough to play inside and fast enough to play outside, so I’m just trying to add value to myself and make sure I make this team.”