Conti: "Barco is getting the job done"

Dukes & Bell
Wednesday, July 11th
Voice of the Atlanta United Mike Conti joined Dukes and Bell for the five stripes preview and talked to the guys about the United’s opponent on Sunday, “They have been very disappointing probably the most disappointing team in the MLS, but if they do one thing really well it’s defending they are third best in the league in Goals allowed.”

 The guys asked Mike about Barco's performance so far this season, Mike said “Barco isn’t brought in to score goals, he’s brought in to be a facilitator, he missed more than a month, and he’s getting fouled repeatedly during games. I feel like a lot of teams are fouling him to take the air out of the ball and they need to start throwing yellows or it sets the precedent that it’s open season to foul him.”