Corry: Jarrett deal would be around $17 million per year

Dukes & Bell
Wednesday, March 13th
CBS Sports cap analyst Joel Corry joined Dukes & Bell to talk about our Falcons latest roster moves financially, how Matt Ryan’s contract restructure affects the cap, plus how could Grady Jarrett’s contract situation work out.

Corry talked about how much James Carpenter and Jamon Brown will cost the Falcons this year.

 “Basically you took the seven million in cap room you got from Matt Ryan.” Corry said “That’s being used in 2019 for these two guys, who’s 2019 cap space will be just over $7.2 million.”

Joel explained how Matt Ryan’s restructure affects the cap in future years.

 “If you were going to play the kick the can down the road game, ideally you do it with guys who will be on the roster.” Corry said “Matt Ryan Ryan’s 2019 cap space will be lower but you’re raising his cap number by $1.75 million from 2020 on.”

When asked if Le'Veon Bell did the right thing by not signing the contract Pittsburgh offered him last year.

 “It was never going to work out for him from a financial standpoint, since he made nothing last year and the Pittsburgh offer had reportedly $33 million guaranteed in the first two years, he basically had to get $55 over four just to make even, which he didn’t. It never made sense to me to trade a peak financial year for long term, Le'Veon Bell is never making back that money that he left on the table last season.”

Corry talked about what to expect from a Grady Jarrett contract.

 “I thought the overall deal would have to be about $17 million per year, the amount guaranteed would have to be around $34 million. The Falcons will use Sheldon Richardson as what the market bears out which is at $13 million, if they offer that per year he will just play under the tag and try this again next year.”