Could this be Matt Ryan's best season as a Falcon?

Jon Chuckery
Saturday, June 8th
According to Jon Chuckery, the Falcons did what they were supposed to do in the draft and free agency, which is protect your QB; and the metrics seem to agree with that. The offensive line, at least on paper, has gone through a major overhaul and now there are some blocking tight ends on this team. Now look what Matt Ryan has coming back. A healthy Devonta Freeman will fix this running game tremendously from last year, in which they were 27th in the league. Now look at the coached that have joined this staff. The new (old) OC Dirk Koetter and the TE coach Mike Mularkey are now on board. These are guys that Matt is familiar with. All of these factors, not even mentioning the stellar WR core, make Chuckery believe that Matt Ryan will have his best season as a pro; which will be hard to do.

Two out of the last three seasons, Matt Ryan has had the best seasons of his career. His MVP season he threw for 4944 yards and had 38 touchdowns. Last season, Matt Ryan threw for 4924 yards and had 35 touchdowns. At this point of his career, Matt Ryan is in his prime. The game is slowing down. If you look at all of the current great QBs, your Rodgers, Brees, your Bradys, they all hit their prime around this age. Chuckery now thinks that it it Matt Ryan's turn and he will do it this season.