Could the Braves have 3 100 RBI guys?

Dukes & Bell
Thursday, March 14th
With opening day only two weeks away for our Braves, what will our batting order look like, and could the team have 3 100 RBI guys?

Carl said that he thinks the Braves could have 3 100 RBI guys.

“You could have Ender at leadoff and move Acuna to the cleanup. You have the potential for four guys maybe having 100 RBI’s, because I think Acuna could be a 30-30 guy.

Mike talked about leaving him at the leadoff spot so he can get as many at-bats as possible.

 “With today’s baseball you want to get your best hitters the most at bats. I still say I would keep Acuna at 1, 2 or 3 so he could get as many at bats as possible in today’s game.”