Could the Braves sit Soroka and Fried due to load management?

Dukes & Bell
Friday, July 19th
92.9 Braves insider Joe Patrick joined Dukes & Bell to talk about the Braves-Nats series, are the bats in a slump, and do the young arms subject to load management?

Joe talked about last night and if Kevin Gausman will pitch in the series.

 “I think Brian Snitker is asking the question who can go.” Patrick said “I think we will see Gausman this weekend, but right now you’re just trying to patchwork the rotation with the injuries and it’s kind of coming to a head right now and it’s starting to be concerning.”

Patrick said he’s not worried about the hitters being in a mini-slump since the all-star break.

 “They have gone against some really good pitchers.” Patrick said “I’m not concerned about this lineup over the course of a long amount of time, you have so many guys who can heat up and carry this lineup. I’m not so concerned about this lineup, but I am about this pitching staff and with what Snitker had to say he admitted they need some help in this rotation.”

Will Soroka and Fried be subject to load management?

 “The load management thing is weird.” Patrick said “It’s something we talk about, but it’s never come up in conversation as a main point of emphasis, it’s never come to a point when we’re talking to the manager where we talk about at what point do they need to shut a guy down. I don’t sense it being a thing where they have a hard cap on it like other teams have done in the past, I think part of it is how important Mike Soroka has been, I think it’s something they’re just going to try and manage.”