Could the loser of SEC Championship still make playoff?

Dukes & Bell
Wednesday, November 27th
College Football writer for Stadium Network Brett McMurphy joined Dukes & Bell.

Brett told the guys he doesn’t think Alabama is making the college football playoff.

 “Right now Alabama has no wins against top 25 opponents.” McMurphy said “They’ve only played one top 25 team albeit now number 2 LSU, if you look at their schedule it’s similar to Clemson except they have a loss, so basically if they beat Auburn they would finish the regular season 1-1 against top 25 teams. Compare them to Utah and Oklahoma, Utah would also be 1-1 but with a conference championship, Oklahoma would have either three or four victories against the top 25 and also conference championship, I think conference championship alone would be enough for both Utah and Oklahoma to jump them.”

Could LSU still make the College Football playoff even with a loss in SEC Championship to Georgia?

 “Yes, barely, the fact they dropped to two I don’t think is that big a deal because Ohio State and LSU are clearly the top two teams.” McMurphy said “Clemson would be in there, LSU would be in there, so in your scenario basically we would be comparing a one loss LSU team with 3 or 4 top 25 wins against a Oklahoma or Utah, for all the reasons I would have picked OU or Utah over Alabama are the same reasons I would pick LSU over OU or Utah. The guidelines for the committee says you want to give more credit to a conference champion unless unequivocally better than a conference champion, I think you can say that LSU based on their schedule who they’ve beaten up to this point would be unequivocally better than OU or Utah.”