D&B: Atlanta United Gives Away 3 points

Dukes & Bell
Monday, May 20th
 Dukes and Bell open the show talking about Mike being back from his European vacation as he went to Spain, we then talked about the Braves making a trade bullpen related, the guys talked about how they basically trade arms we didn’t want anymore for an arm that the Mariners didn’t want. We then talked about Brooks Koepka going wire to wire to win the PGA Championship over the  weekend, Mike said he was dumbfounded why the fans turned on Koepka on Sunday and pulling for Dustin Johnson.

We hit the headlines.

 Atlanta United Radio Analyst Jason Longshore joined Dukes & Bell, to talk about the team’s disappointing loss yesterday to the Red Bulls. Longshore talked about the scuffle between the teams at the end of last night’s match.  “It was a very hard challenge by Lawrence on Villalba.” Longshore said “Lawrence had a lot of things to say before the game, he had a lot of things to say after the game, and Tito said he had a lot of disrespectful things to say during the match and the melee went on for quite some time after the match.” Jason discussed Pity Martinez’s struggles last night. “Pity really struggled.” Longshore said “It’s one of those games where is it the travel he’s not use to, is it the amount of games they’ve played, I thought before the red card the Red Bulls were really starting to struggle. The red card simplified the game defensively for the Red Bulls because then you couldn’t press and they just sat back and defended and you really needed Pity to find spacing, he was getting manhandled but he got frustrated.” Longshore described what exactly happened in the loss. “You couldn’t break down a team that sat back.” Longshore said “This is a really good defensive team in the Red Bulls, the Red Bulls have a really good recorded when they get these red cards, and that’s because how sound they are defensively.” “The team has turned the corner. The reaction to this loss is a little surprising, at the beginning of this run if you would have said this team would be 5-1 you would take it, but the way it happened made this loss disappointing so this is an important game on Friday.” Jason said the rivalry between these two teams is now a blood rivalry.  “There’s been so much talk about rivalry.” Longshore said “What Atlanta has with Orlando feels like a local rivalry, Atlanta and the Red Bulls is starting to feel like a blood feud, when you can taunt someone with what mimics holding up a trophy that’s a blood feud.”