D&B: Is Barkley This Generations Barry Sanders?

Dukes & Bell
Friday, October 19th

Carl Banks joined Dukes & Bell, and talked about the Giants troubles on their offensive line“ To examine the offensive line is to see what they have their five new players, and they are a group who haven’t played together just six games, offensive lines take some time. I’m not going to say they are as bad as they were last year, but when you watch the film you see what you, but they feel like they’re not that far away.” Banks talked about some of the issues that Saquon Barkley can cause a defense “He doesn’t need a lot of space guys, I played against Barry Sanders and Emmitt Smith, this young man has a mix of all those guys, he breaks tackles and has outstanding balance, a guy hits him and he doesn’t break stride, you have to get him on the ground.” When asked about Odell Beckham, Banks told the guys “He’s a guy that has to mature a bit more, I think circumstances haven’t played out like he envisioined them, he worked extremely hard in the offseason. When you put on tape blowing by Jalen Ramsey, the league is going to keep that from happening again, then you do that interview and it doesn’t look good. He’s a passionate guy who cares about his teammates, but it just doesn’t come across to some people, but he doesn’t apologize for it, the circus was created out of his own doing, if you listen to his interviews today he seems to be on track today.” Carl talked about the Giants defensive woes this season “It’s a throwing league when you have a QB like Matt Ryan, you have a great receiver and two other really really good ones, the Giants just got Olivier Vernon back, they’ve been giving up big chunks play this season, they can play good in stretches of the game and then they forget how to tackle or something like that.”

The guys hit the NFL Blitz, as we talked about Jalen Ramsey continuing to be short with the media, Mike said “These young guys who want to talk and then as soon as things don’t go their way they shut down, the guys back in the day they would back their talk up, doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.”