D&B: Braves Bullpen shows up again

Dukes & Bell
Wednesday, August 21st
Dukes and Bell open the show talking about Ronald Acuna Jr. once again being hit by the Marlins this time with the first pitch of the game last night. Mike says that this is who Don Mattingly is with his old school ways and it won’t matter soon because Mattingly will be fired by the Derek Jeter, Carl said that it’s just good Acuna didn’t get hurt by the pitch much like Markakis did.


Shaquille O’Neal joined Dukes & Bell,  “I failed marketing class in College. My professor told us big guys don’t sell, he was right because when I was growing up it was only Michael, I told myself if I ever get to do commercials I’m going to be funny.” “I have no idea what’s going on with the Hawks.” “You have a great young fella in Trae Young, but I don’t know much about the Hawks, and the city of Atlanta I’m sorry but I’m part owner of the Kings and that’s what I keep up with.”


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