D&B: Braves Willing To Spend In This Off-Season

Dukes & Bell
Wednesday, October 17th
The guys hit the NFL Blitz as we talked with Brian Baldinger joined Dukes & Bell and talked about his breakdown of Tevin Coleman’s blocking against the Bucs on Sunday “He’s a real home run hitter, guy who catches the ball well, but blitz pick up is important and the league these days you better have a back who can help protect your quarterback, it was something that impressed me because you don’t see guys pick up the blitz often like that, with that kind of toughness.” Baldy talked with guys about what the Giants might do on defense against our Falcons on Monday night  “They’ve had basically two weeks to get ready for this, they got Olivier Vernon back and he is their best pass rusher, he’s played with a lot of different LB’s and will give Matt Ryan a lot of different looks pre-snap to try and confuse him.” When asked about the Falcons tackling issues this season Baldinger said “It’s an opportunity for a lot of these guys to earn a spot in the NFL, and the best thing you can do is make a tackle in the open field. Tackling is fundamentally bad in the entire league, it’s at an all-time low in the league right now, so it they could do themselves a favor by making some big tackles in primetime in front of the entire league.” “I’m very impressed, but I’m also impressed with how Andy Reid has coached him, he hasn’t put on the governor, he’s sitting him down after every series and going over what went right and what went wrong which is something you don’t see very often in the league.”  “They we’re terrible in London, they got schooled by a team in Seattle who is starting to round out well. Derek Carr isn’t playing with one ounce of confidence, it’s more than just Khalil Mack although that hurt them, Jon Gruden wanted to come back and represent the Silver and Black and he’s going to have to do his best coaching job to get this team back to where they should be.”


We talked about news from Alex Anthopoulos that the team would be willing to spend more money this offseason and the guys gave their thoughts on who the team might target.


Mike Conti joined us for the Five Stripes preview, “I know for a fact it will not bother the players, this is typical soccer, this happens wherever you are in this sport, you get rumors and players are aware of that and they just play through it.” “Chicago is weird, I’ve been looking at my notes and they seem to be one of these teams that you look at and wonder ‘How are they so bad?’ They play the same style that the Red Bulls play, a style which will give Atlanta United trouble, they’ve given them trouble so far this year, so they could play spoiler.”