D&B: Can Fromm Win The Heisman?

Dukes & Bell
Wednesday, May 22nd
 It was time for the Dawg report as   we talked about where Jim McElwain is right now, Florida-FSU renews their rivalry, plus an anonymous coach rips Tua.

Dale Murphy joined Dukes & Bell  “I really like Luke Jackson. As a closer you have to either have overwhelming stuff like Craig Kimbrel if you’re a little off to get away with being off, I don’t think Jackson’s stuff was where he wanted it. The thing about baseball you make a good pitch they get a broken bat single, you make a bad pitch and sometimes they pop it up. I think you might see Touki or Newcomb move to later in the game, I know they’ve pitched later in the game last few nights but without a defined closer who knows.” “I think they’re going to be active and pursue it, they will talk to Kimbrel again. It’s going to be really tough, teams are going to bring up names like Pache and Drew Waters to ask for in return for these guys, I like a lot of these young pitchers but there’s just not a lot of experience in the closer role.” “There’s not enough good words to say about him. “I see the possibility of him creeping up the lineup, I couldn’t be higher on the kid, the guy looks like he’s the part of a slugger, I think this is a 30 to 40 homerun guy for the next 10 years.”  “He is, I just see him as a three or four hitter someday. You can’t argue about what he’s doing right now in that spot, people say Freddie is at three, I think Freddie could hit four as well. I think you should have Acuna at three and Freddie at four, I just think of him as an RBI guy, but you can’t argue with his success at leadoff.” “It is an adjustment. I hit third, fourth or fifth most of my career and probably hit fourth more, it just felt like if I had three average to good hitters in front of me it seemed I always had guys on base. Pyschology it’s  different when you hit in the third or fourth spot, I don’t see Josh going back to number 2.

Yea Man/Nah Man.​