D&B: Can Sweat Be A Falcons?

Dukes & Bell
Wednesday, April 24th
It was time for the Dawg report as we talked about Kirby Smart’s comments on the transfer portal, and how allowing kids to leave after one year isn’t always the best thing for the player. The guys agreed with Kirby, Mike said that he doesn’t necessarily believe that Ohio State is the best thing for Justin Fields and that he understands that coaches can leave, but it doesn’t change the fact that the NCAA has made it too easy for the players.


Mississippi State DE Montez Sweat joined Dukes & Bell, to talk about the NFL Combine, the draft tomorrow night and what’s his biggest attribute. Sweat told the guys he feels like he was overlooked before the combine. “I think I was overlooked even though I was a sack leader in the SEC.” Sweat said “Of course I was a combine warrior, but the tape speaks for itself.” Montez said his biggest attribute is his effort.  “My biggest attribute is my effort.” Sweat said “I’m never going to give up on a play, my pursuit of the ball will always be the same, my effort is always going to be there.” When asked what he needs to work on. “I can work on all aspects of my game.” Sweat said “From pass rushing to playing against the run, you can always add stuff to your game, and I think I can still get better in all aspects of my game.” “I might do a little bit of watching. I’m just hoping my phone rings early, I’m going to be at top golf playing a little golf.” Montez talked about what it would mean to play for his hometown team the Falcons. “That would be crazy to play for the home town.” Sweat said “I’m never even been in the new stadium, I grew up watching them play in the Georgia Dome, it would be crazy playing for them.”  “I feel like I showed that in both defenses in college. I feel like I’m a very versatile athlete that can play in any system.” Sweat said he feels like he was overlooked coming out of college. “That’s another thing that happened when I came out of college.” Sweat said “I was overlooked, I would have loved to have come to the university of Georgia and get sacks but I was definitely overlooked.”4:42 – Yea Man/Nah Man.


In the Falcons report as we talked about the team’s decision to pick up the fifth year option on Keanu Neal.